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haircut01Years ago we decided to create a school that would reflect us. We had been students and we had spent years in salons – so we knew exactly what was needed to be taught for a student to become professional, “in-demand” graduates.

We are experienced beauty professionals creating professional beauty experts! We get you because we ARE you. If you are going to take the time and expense to do this – why not do it right? If you want to be the best (and why wouldn’t you?!) then you want to partner with the Salon Schools Group.

menscut_borderExperience is what sets us apart from all others.
Experience can be defined in two ways, and we offer both. Our teaching staff has experience – experience gained through years of continuing education, working in salons, owning salons.

The other definition of experience describes what type of environment you can expect as a student. Your interactions with teachers, other students and, especially, clients all create an experience. Your experience will include skilled instructors, professional tools, professional products, busy “hands-on” clinics, and gorgeous spa facilities. What more could you want?

So, maybe some of your questions have been answered – but you probably have more. Keep exploring the site to learn more and never hesitate to call or email us. We appreciate your interest in what we offer, and hope your visit is rewarding, educational and fun – just like our schools!



Salon Schools Group includes:

Ohio State Schools of Cosmetology

The Hair Experts Barber School

Nationwide Beauty Academy

The Spa School

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