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One license, a dozen career paths

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Your Barbie dolls were bald…your little sister didn’t have “normal” bangs until she was 15…your Mom had to explain to you why it might not be appropriate for you to have platinum blonde hair with purple streaks – you were 8. Guess what?  You’re a perfect fit for this school!   You have the passion and ambition, you have the artistic skills, you have the desire to make people look and feel their best.

Cosmetology training will offer you so many options!  Your career can take you around the world or around the corner. You can be a color specialist, a design expert, a skin care specialist, an educator, a nail care expert, a salon owner, a makeup artist – do one or do them all!  Now your little sister will beg you to cut her hair!

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Cosmetology is such an exciting career! You know you have the desire and the personality to succeed as a beauty professional…

Your first step is to contact our admissions staff. They will ask you to make an appointment to discuss your goals, schedule options, course tuition and financial aid opportunities. Your appointment will last approximately one hour and can be arranged to accommodate your schedule.

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Gainful Employment Disclosure


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