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For Guidance Counselors

For Guidance Counselors

Scholarship Procedure Thank you for taking the time to assist your student in applying for scholarship with Salon Schools Group. Our scholarships require an application from the student and an information form from you that outlines the student’s attendance and academic achievement. Any comments that you have regarding the student is also much appreciated. Please follow this link that will take you to a downloadable application that we would like for you to complete and return to us.

Guidance Counselor Formpdf small

Once completed, please mail the form to:
Salon Schools Group
Admissions Office
1720 E. Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43203

If you prefer, our admissions office will be happy to mail you a supply of scholarship packets. Just call 1-800-276-3400 FREE and we will get them to you immediately.

Students may complete their portion of the application on-line or they can call us to obtain a packet by mail.

Once we have received both portions of the scholarship application, we will contact your student and invite them to attend a personal scholarship interview.

Students may begin the scholarship process as early as September of their senior year. The deadline for applying is April 30th of their senior year.

High School Visits Each fall we visit several high schools in central Ohio and throughout the state of Ohio. If we typically visit your school each year, we will be calling on you again this fall! If we do not usually visit your school, but you would like us to visit, we will make every attempt to come and see you!! Just contact Betsy Kinkela at 1-800-276-3400 FREE.

College Fairs Salon Schools Group is a member of the Ohio Association of College Admissions Counselors. We attempt to attend a majority of college fairs each year. Please look for us at your local college fair!


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