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Meet Amanda Karcher Browning

Meet Amanda Karcher Browning

Meet Amanda Karcher-Browning.  Or, as we like to call her, “Amanda the Lion-Hearted”.

Ask Amanda  what she loves most and she’ll tell you “being a hair stylist and helping my clients look and feel beautiful”.  But, her second favorite thing may be karaoke…or helping her parents with their chicken hatchery…or rehabbing houses with her husband…or being a personal trainer…or traveling…or mentoring 4H kids at the county fair.

Yep – she’s a busy girl!

Amanda grew up in the small town of Oceola, near Bucyrus Ohio and graduated from Wynford High School in 2005.  Even while in high school she was active in so many things… National Honor Society, sports, 4H, Junior Fair Board, church, school clubs and cheerleading as the school mascot (more on that later!)  All while maintaining a 3.8 GPA.! We recognized that she would be a fantastic student and we awarded her a scholarship to attend our school.  We wanted her to join our family!  Everyone who knew Amanda, knew that she would excel at whatever career she chose.  And she chose Cosmetology!

Amanda’s parents and siblings had a history of traditional college – her Dad is a respected educator throughout Crawford and Seneca counties, but to their credit, Amanda’s parents never frowned on her decision and supported her 100%.

To be successful, a cosmetologist must be many things…smart, punctual, patient, fun, flexible, artistic, curious and ambitious.  Amanda is all of these things.

While attending the Westerville location of Ohio State School of Cosmetology, Amanda had perfect attendance and was never reluctant to approach clients or to learn new and difficult concepts. To say she was fearless is an understatement.  While in school she approached a very well known and powerful owner of a chain of salons and declared to him “Hi! My name is Amanda Karcher, and I’m going to work for you after I graduate!”  After he recovered from her proclamation, he told her to come see him when she graduated and he’d decide then if he would make her a member of his team.  Of course, he did, and for several years she was an extremely successful member of the design team at Kenneth’s Hair Salons and Day Spas.  Today, you’ll find Amanda working independently at the Salon Lofts on Polaris Parkway in Westerville, Ohio.  When she’s not in the salon, you can often find her teaching auxiliary classes at Salon Schools Group or traveling the nation to learn about new trends and products in the beauty industry.

Ok, back to the school mascot thing…The school mascot for Wynford High School is a Lion.  Full of pride, power and great hair – just like Amanda!  Amanda’s enthusiasm, energy and infectious personality made her a perfect ambassador for her high school.  For the same reasons she was a perfect ambassador for Ohio State School of Cosmetology and now she is the perfect ambassador for the beauty industry.

To know Amanda is to know the heart of cosmetology.

Oh, curious about the karaoke comment early in the story?  Yeah, it’s her “thing”.  When you meet her, ask her to sing the lyrics to “Goodbye Earl” – all 326 words.  (Seriously – all 326!)

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