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Meet Loreli Romine!

Meet Loreli Romine!

spaschool4Loreli loves being around people and helping them feel better. This desire led her to service industry jobs like bartending and serving and it also prompted her to go to Travel and Hospitality School. Although she enjoyed bartending, she knew that the long hours, time on her feet and dealing with, shall we say “overly happy” people, would simply wear her out over time. Travel and hospitality was interesting, but just not “it”.

A friend who was pursuing cosmetology suggested she look into a career in the beauty industry. Loreli wasn’t so much into being a cosmetologist (hair wasn’t her “thing). But, she DID get pretty excited after learning about the Managing Esthetics program at The Spa School. This seemed to be a perfect career!

Being an Esthetician, Loreli knew she’d be able to be around people, make them look and feel beautiful and give her job security. Perfect! Loreli loved the training at The Spa School because it wasn’t your “typical” college curriculum. While she admits the program could be rigorous, she liked the hands-on approach and real world application of the training. Her advice for success in school?

Pay attention, take notes, do your homework and STUDY!

The length of the program was a definite plus, too! On a full time schedule a student can complete the Managing Esthetics program in just 6 months. Loreli “tweaked” her schedule a bit so that should could continue to work while attending school. But even while working she managed to complete her program in 8 quick months! And she was employed almost immediately! Can’t beat that!

Like most graduates of ANY schooling, Loreli was nervous after she graduated and was “on her own” and away from her instructors. But, she felt completely prepared to offer professional and nurturing services to her clients at Hand & Stone Salon in Columbus. Loreli appreciates that The Spa School uses high end, professional products. Having access to these products prepared her to understand what products are appropriate for her diverse clientele. This knowledge also helps her feel comfortable in educating clients about the product. “When you are using a good product on a client, it is easier to sell the product to the client and help them maintain healthy skin”.


Even when she doesn’t have a client booked, her willingness to be at the salon to accommodate “walk in” clients has, literally, paid off. She suggests to ANY professional in the beauty industry that they be available for walk-ins…especially when they are trying to build a clientele.

Loreli is a perfect example of someone using their past experiences to help them be successful in their career. For instance, you might not think that being a bartender would be a perfect job to prepare someone for a career in esthetics. But it was just that for Loreli. Loreli recognizes that it’s crucial to pay attention to what the client wants. Some want to “zone out” others want to chat. And isn’t that pretty much what a good bartender does? Giving a client what they need is a sure way to bring them back in the future. But you have to listen!


Expect to see more great things from Loreli!

Not one to be complacent, Loreli wants to offer more – to learn more. She knows that there are new techniques and new products on the horizon! Eyelash extensions, permanent makeup – who knows what will be next! Loreli is excited that she can take her education and build on it! She’ll never get bored and this will make her clients very, very happy!




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