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Meet Mallory Dearwester!

Meet Mallory Dearwester!

A family affair or A family of hair?  Either way – it’s a beautiful thing!

Mallory Dearwester was born to be a hairstylist. Literally.  Her Mom, Aunt, Uncle and older sister are ALL respected hairstylists.  By her own admission, hairstyling is “in my blood”.  But, she’ll also tell you that she’d choose cosmetology even if no one in her family had done it before.

Mallory did have a bit of a detour before she joined her family’s business.  After graduating from Eastmoor Academy in Columbus, OH, Mallory was thrilled to receive a scholarship to a performing arts school in Los Angeles, CA.  For the 5 years she was in L.A. she stayed really busy!  In addition to attending the performing arts school, she danced professionally and worked as a receptionist and assistant at a beauty salon.  Some of her most exciting jobs included assisting a photographer with hair and makeup and assisting on short films, runway shows, stage shows and other cool L.A. gigs! She also loved serving as a hair model when the salon held classes.  These classes, she says, were very helpful, interesting and reinforced her desire to continue into cosmetology.

Upon moving home to Columbus, Mallory jumped (or danced!) right into cosmetology school at Ohio State School of Cosmetology.  After graduating with nearly perfect attendance, she passed her state board tests, started working and hasn’t looked back!

Although cosmetology was “in her blood”, her Mom didn’t treat her any differently from any other new stylist at the salon that she owned in Gahanna.  Mallory was required to apprentice with one of the advanced stylists for 9 to 18 months.  Her skills helped her finish in the minimum 9 month period.  Since then, Mallory has thrived as a stylist.  She has recently joined her Mom and her sister at Excel Hair Studio which is a part of The Collection Salons.  Each occupy their own “salon within a salon” which, effectively, makes Mallory a salon owner.  And she believes that the experience she had as a receptionist in Los Angeles along with watching her Mom own and operate a salon certainly helped her understand how to run a salon.

Mallory is passionate about cosmetology – especially hair and makeup.  She is thankful that Ohio State School of Cosmetology not only taught her about hair care, but also taught her more about makeup and advanced techniques such as hair extensions.

Don’t think that Mallory abandoned her other love, dancing!  She always knew that dancing would be a part of her life.  Mallory is passing on her passion to others as a dance teacher and is wowing audiences as a member of a professional dance troupe.  The flexibility of being a hair stylist allows her to pursue both careers.  Very few people can say that they followed their passion into a lucrative career – Mallory followed BOTH passions and couldn’t be happier!


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