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Meet Michael Puccetti

Meet Michael Puccetti

Meet Michael Puccetti – 1973 graduate of Ohio State School of Cosmetology

Owner of Michael Puccetti Hair at Upper Arlington Salon Lofts


150738_10151360315494630_951403487_nStylist, sculptor and all-around cool guy

When you meet Michael, you can’t imagine him being anything other than a hair stylist.  Skill and education aside, Michael has that “it” factor…he loves people and people love him.  Now, combine that with his absolute passion for hair, his incredible background of education and his constant curiosity and you’ve got the perfect formula for a stellar stylist.  We are proud that he is our graduate!

His story has an unusual beginning.  When Michael  was an ornery 15 year old he went to the local swimming pool with his cousin – who just happened to be in cosmetology school.  That ordinary excursion to the swimming pool would plant a seed in his mind.  You see, also at the pool that day was a cute young girl with long hair and a short bathing suit.  This beauty asked Michael to trim her hair.  He quickly grabbed his cousin’s shears from her bag (never leave home without them!) and proceeded to trim her hair.  Hanging out at the pool with a pretty girl wanting his attention?  Not a bad day.  He didn’t know then that this trip to the pool would determine his direction in life.

Michael’s father was a sculptor, so he wasn’t surprised that he enjoyed the arts.  In fact, he attended the Columbus College of Art & Design after high school.  But CCAD at the time offered more editorial design and Michael was more interested in painting and exploring shapes -so he left – only to be drafted!  After serving a stint in Viet Nam, Michael realized that the day at the pool represented “heaven” after he’d seen “hell” during the war.   Determined to have a career that would make him happy every day, he enrolled at Ohio State School of Cosmetology. And he’s never looked back.

1804-cmh-bridget-henry-08-21-09-014-687x1030It was great to see his reaction when, during our interview, we received a surprise visit from Salon Schools Group President Emeritus, Sue Carter Moore.  How fun to hear the two of them reminisce about Michael’s days in cosmetology school when Sue was his instructor.  But more impressively, it was incredible to hear them discuss how they both benefit from, and contribute to, cosmetology education today.  It never ends – thank goodness!   Successful cosmetologists know that their education never ends.  It is humbling to hear him say that he owes a debt to Sue Carter Moore and Jim Rogers who “took him on” when they taught him at OSSC.  He credits them for seeing something special in him, encouraging him to continue to follow his passion and for looking past his penchant for shenanigans!  They knew his heart.

Over the years, Michael has explored many avenues of the beauty industry.  He’s worked as a stylist in others’ salons, he’s managed salons, he’s owned his own salon, he’s been a platform artist and he’s been an educator.  With each position he’s brought, and shared, his passion for the art of beauty.

In every artistic industry there are “greats”.

With fashion it’s Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton. In film it’s Hitchcock, Minelli, Scorsese.  In painting – Dali, Rembrandt, Monet. And in beauty it’s Sassoon, Mitchell, Sahag.  Michael was fortunate enough to work with and study under Paul Mitchell and John Sahag.  In fact, Michael became an educator with Sahag and continues to specialize in the dry haircutting that made Sahag famous (think Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow).  Michael’s next venture includes introducing the Midwest to a new line of products developed by the Vidal Sassoon company.  You can also find Michael in his salon – still making people smile, still making women look and feel beautiful.  
How lucky for Michael that he found his passion.  When others ask him how they can find their own passion, he asks them “what would you do if you didn’t need money?”  You’d do the “thing” you love – THAT’S what you do!  He never wondered how much money he would make.  He just knew he was meant to touch people, to give them a lift, to show them the love, to make them a star!

So the next time someone asks you to go to the swimming pool – GO!  You never know if it will change your life!


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