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Meet Nicole Revish

Meet Nicole Revish

Fashion is her passion!

Nicole Revish grew up surrounded by beautiful people, cameras and style.  Growing up the daughter of a prominent local news personality, she was accustomed to being around lights, cameras and curious strangers.  Her fashion show coordinator mother, Danielle, can certainly be described as one of the beautiful people in Nicole’s life.  Danielle Revish is a fashion force in Columbus and she taught Nicole, by example, the importance of putting your best foot forward – always.  (This may explain Nicole’s love for fabulous foot ware!)  But, for the last 20 years Nicole has become a fashion rock star in her own right.

5151486155948032There can be no argument that Nicole is a beauty.  But that is only one small aspect of this petite powerhouse!  Nicole is also a cosmetologist, a business woman, a mother, an educator and a motivator.  Her outward appearance is simply a testament to her ability to take a person’s natural beauty and enhance it to become even more beautiful.  This ability has made her one of the most sought after stylists in central Ohio.

Growing up around fashion, Nicole realized early on that her future career MUST involve helping people look and feel their best.  So it was no surprise to her parents when she announced that she would not be going to traditional college – she would be attending cosmetology school.  And she hasn’t looked back since!

Ohio State School of Cosmetology in Westerville was “home” to Nicole for about a year.  It was there that she realized that good attendance, curiosity, hard work and great customer service would be the attributes that would make her a success.  And she still believes that today!  

Nicole has taken these attributes and used them to transform her life and her career.  Constantly in motion, she knows that there is always more to learn, more to explore.  For certain – she will never be bored!  

In 2004, Nicole opened her  beautiful and highly rated salon – Nicole Revish Salon & Spa in Columbus – where she and her team specialize in hair care, shaping, coloring, chemical re-texturing and spa treatments.   

nicolerevishsalonMost people would be content to own their own salon.  Not Nicole.  She also has shared her talent on fashion runways, commercials, photo shoots, fashion articles (The Columbus Dispatch, Columbus Bride, and Columbus Monthly), talk shows (The Oprah Winfrey show – yes, Oprah!), the game show Jeopardy! and a motion picture.  

When asked what advice she would give a cosmetology student, Nicole would encourage them to work hard, have excellent attendance, ask lots of questions and know that cosmetology school is just the beginning of a life long journey of learning.

Continuing education is something that Nicole is passionate about.  So passionate that she has become an educator with the Salon Professionals Division of Proctor & Gamble and is a Design Team member for Wella.  This position has taken her on an international journey that helps keep her passion burning!  

Nicole believes in the power of transformation.  She sees it at her salon every day.  But she also continues to transform herself.  Her journey is proof that one spark of passion can lead to continuous adventure and endless possibilities.

Yes,  Nicole’s resume is lengthy and impressive – but she isn’t finished writing it!   Her career is ever changing and open-ended.  How many careers allow this kind of excitement and diversity?!


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