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Meet Wezlynn Davis!

Meet Wezlynn Davis!

She’s been customizing skin care since 1992.  That’s impressive by any standard, but consider that she is only 30 years old!  Yes, she’s been customizing skin care since she was about 8 years old.  No worries, there were no child labor laws broken by her Delaware, Ohio family.

As young girls, she and  her sister would play “spa” at their grandmother’s house by gathering pots and big spoons and mixing together random products from their grandmother’s bathroom, kitchen and garden.  The“custom blended” products were used  to give their grandmother pampering facials.  By indulging her little darlings, Grandma couldn’t have known that she was laying the groundwork for her granddaughter’s  future.  A future filled with passion, drive, enthusiasm and vision.  

Meet Wezlynn Davis.

Wezlynn grew up in a large family – one of six siblings – and anyone who grows up in a family so large knows that being pampered is a “splurge” that simply cannot be considered.  So, it wasn’t until Wezlynn was enrolled as an esthetics student at The Spa School that she received her first facial. Even before that first facial, Wezlynn knew that she MUST have a career in which she would help others feel their best.  And after receiving that facial, she knew that being an esthetician would be the perfect career to feed her desire to make others happy.  During her time at The Spa School, the Healing Hands Program was in its infancy.  This program was started at The Spa School to help meet the special skin care needs of cancer patients.  It also aimed to provide respite to cancer patients and their caregivers by offering gentle skin care treatments at low or no cost.  The Healing Hands program really spoke to Wezlynn’s heart – but she couldn’t  have known then that her career would lead her full circle back to the Healing Hands program (more on that later!)  

Meet Wezlynn Davis-Esthetician.

After graduating from The Spa School and receiving her Managing Esthetics license, Wezlynn became the national sales director for Mukha Essentials, the cosmetics line of Mukha Custom Cosmetics & Medi-Spa. (BTW – owner Tim Maurer is a grad of The Spa School!)   This mineral based, custom blended line of products excited Wezlynn and she enjoyed spreading the word about the product to salons across the United States.  She not only learned a great deal about custom blending products, she began gaining valuable sales and marketing skills.

After leaving Mukha, Wezlynn went on to work for power-house cosmetics retailer, Sephora.  It was during this time that she gained a better understanding of marketing, learning what customers want from products, staff training, management and product design and development. She states that her time at Sephora  was almost like earning a degree because of the crucial business experience that she acquired.

Coming from a family of small business owners, she also knew that she wanted to keep her family close to her and involved in the business.  She already had her cosmetologist sister, Rozie, by her side but she also wanted to add her Mom, Sarah, to the mix!  So in 2012 Sarah attended The Spa School and became a licensed Managing Esthetician – like daughter, like mother!

Just shy of five years afer her own graduation from The Spa School, Wezlynn opened The Beauty Lab.  Starting out in a little 10 x 10 room inside of a hair salon, she and her sister began growing their clientele.  Not long after, she opened her own store front in the heart of historic downtown Delaware, Ohio.  Her vision for this space was clear and she moved forward to renovate the space with her client’s comfort in mind.  In her heart Wezlynn knew that the Beauty Lab would be a success. And, indeed it is!  

Meet Wezlynn Davis-Entrepreneur.  

For sure, giving a great facial feeds her desire to lift people up, but she never forgot how gratifying it was to actually mix the ingredients that she used for her first client, Grandma.  While at the Spa School, Wezlynn was thrilled to be exposed to quality products such as Pevonia and Eminence Organics.  Eminence, especially, piqued her interest in product design and development.   

Using her education and experience, Wezlynn developed her own product line with the clear focus on client customization.  Part of her mission statement sums up her vision perfectly:

“We don’t categorize you…we customize for you.  We have a passion for fine ingredients, fail-you-not formulas and finding your flawless beauty!  We specialize in result driven skin services, custom formulated skin care and custom blended cosmetics.”   Not satisfied with mass produced products, she partnered with a bio-chemist to develop her very own line.  Sounds like that little girl on her Grandma’s front stoop, doesn’t it?!

Her apothecary style of product customization allows her to custom tailor her cleansers, toners, scrubs, moisturizers and serums by “infusing” them with a power punch of ingredients the are chosen to address the EXACT concerns of each client.  We all know that everyone has different skin care needs. But think about it, our OWN skin care needs change from time to time.  Weather, illness, diet, trauma, age…all can cause our skin to misbehave.  It is quite possible that each time you receive a facial at The Beauty Lab it will involve a different “cocktail” of infusions than you received the time before.  Other brands throw the word “customization” around a lot – THIS is true customization!

Wezlynn’s vision and innovation did not go unnoticed by us here at Salon Schools Group.  We were so impressed with her ingenuity, that we hired her to design and develop our new Healing Hands product line.   When our Healing Hands program was first launched, Wezlynn was our student and loved the Healing Hands concept.  So it was no surprise that Wezlynn jumped on board!  Her involvement even includes logo design, package design, curriculum development and student/staff training.  I guess we share her belief that you keep family close.  And we consider Wezylnn our family!   

Meet Wezlynn Davis-Mad Scientist!

It must have been fate that Wezlynn chose to pursue her education at The Spa School.   Her dedication to family, her passion for making people happy and her commitment to elevating the beauty industry is shared by the staff at Salon Schools Group.  It is heart warming to hear Wezlynn reminisce about her days in school – to hear her express her appreciation that we took the time to help her develop as an individual and not set limits to what she could learn and achieve.  She mentions that she appreciates the support that was offered to her, even after graduation – but isn’t that what family is for?  

Meet Wezlynn Davis- Proud Graduate!


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