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Ohio State School of Cosmetology

Ohio State School of Cosmetology

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Ohio State School of Cosmetology is pleased to offer several training locations from which to choose.  Many students choose their school based on its geographic location.  As you have probably observed, most salons have a very distinct “personality” or “vibe” and you will find that is true for our schools as well.   Your admissions representative will be happy to assist you in choosing your location, but consider visiting more than one location to help determine the best “fit” for you!

Our 1800 hour Advanced Cosmetology program takes about 14 months to complete when taken on a full time schedule.

A great education…close to home

Whichever location you choose to attend, you can be sure that you will receive thorough and relevant training from our many highly trained and dedicated instructors.  Our primary goal is to provide the training necessary for you to satisfactorily complete the course, pass the State of Ohio examination and earn your Advanced Cosmetology license.

However, the scope of our training extends beyond this primary goal.  Our instructors understand your desire to succeed and will work to nurture and develop your artistic skills.  We also strive to enhance your confidence and positive attitude by offering extensive training in customer service and people skills.  Your training will include lectures, demonstrations, visual aids, textbook review, testing and most importantly, hands-on experience with clients.

Our schools are designed in such a way to maximize your training experience. Classrooms are well appointed with state-of-the-art equipment and the clinic areas are fully equipped with the professional products and tools you expect to see in high-end salons. Not only are our clinics functional – they are beautiful! Most of our facilities offer a full service spa area where you will perform a variety of spa treatments including personalized facials, spa manicures and pedicures and head-to-toe nourishing body wraps.
Gainful Employment Disclosure

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